30 05, 2014

You missed it!!!

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Hands up who noticed Google changing it’s logo over the weekend? Chances are you didn’t, since it merely moved a few pixels! The big issue that caused much frustration to the global search engine was just two letters being slightly out of line. To fix the problem, Google moved the ‘g’ one pixel to the right and the ‘l’ one pixel down and to the right. It’s the small things! It may not bother the average web user, but for some, ‘kerning’ can be a real issue.  It’s staggering how such a huge organisation do not ensure that something as significant as a logo is absolutely perfect first time. It’s also astounding that so many Google nerds’ spotted the change immediately and who then make a point of notifying the branding giant. […]

22 05, 2014

When Godzilla Met London Commuters (Warning, you may find this content shocking…)

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What do you get when you cross a spaceship, tiger and meteorite with London’s busiest shopping street…? A very smart Pepsi Max advertising campaign! Their latest marketing tool involved rigging up concealed cameras in a poster frame of a bus stop, allowing commuters to see through a window to the street. They then installed technology to allow various motion images to fly across the window, tricking the passengers into thinking the illusion was real and therefore transforming a dull commute to a role in a virtual fantasy world! […]

16 05, 2014

6 simple ways to avoid the most bizarre 28 seconds of television history

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Politicians are probably the most scrutinized of all occupations. Take Tony Abbott, we see his face everyday in the news, sometimes in a positive light, but usually not. He has to face the media on a regular basis to defend his actions, having to think before he speaks, which sometimes he clearly forgets. Remember when he was forced to defend his comment that “sometimes s*** happens” when discussing the events surrounding the death of a digger in Afghanistan? […]

8 05, 2014

News Corp just don’t get it!!

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The story dominating the news this week is the slightly cringey punch-up between media moguls James Packer and David Gyngell. The fact that the fight was between billionaires fails to make the story anymore remarkable, but what is interesting, is that News Corp managed to make national headlines just through their use of watermarking! […]

26 03, 2014

Marketing success - Brains, Budget or Facebook?

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Online marketing is big business; companies are willing to spend a vast amount of money and man-hours on flash campaigns to spread the message of their brand. But what if you could get the same results (or better) in the time it takes to drink your morning cappuccino and without spending a cent?! The most recent social media phenomenon is the ‘No make-up selfie’ in aid of Cancer Research. Females take a ‘selfie’ (named ‘The word of 2013’ by the Oxford Dictionary!), post it on Facebook with a pledge to donate and then nominate a couple of friends to do the same. The charity made $2million in 48 hours! You may assume that this was a cleverly executed marketing plan…but actually, the charity admitted that they had no involvement whatsoever! It’s the modern day chain mail and a new way of being heard above the ‘noise’ …by getting the social media community to do the work for you! […]