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20 08, 2014

Take a Look Inside Our Kimono . . .

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Have you ever been engaged in a conversation but then walked away from it not actually knowing what was said? Corp talk. It’s a rapidly growing and evolving language - a linguist’s dream. […]

20 08, 2014

Content Marketing Strategy: The Power of Three

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Do you know what a content marketing strategy looks like? A lot is being said, in print and from the podium, about the need for a documented content strategy. But recognising a need is different than being able to determine what should be included in a content strategy. Before you invest time and money, take a few minutes to find out what should be included in an effective content marketing strategy. […]

13 08, 2014

An essential element required for content marketing success

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Five years ago when I first started speaking about content marketing, no one knew what I was talking about. Even two years ago, I was still being asked to speak and present to audiences where content marketing was a new concept. In the past year, we’ve seen a massive shift in Australia. Content marketing is finally getting the attention it deserves as a plausible strategy for business. While this is extremely encouraging, we still have a long way to go before business starts to see the benefits associated with a content marketing initiative. So what’s holding us back? […]

1 08, 2014

Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee!

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Everyone loves an optical illusion, a way of challenging our perceptions. Remember the thrill of seeing your first magic eye picture? Seeing something that initially didn’t appear to exist? Video has a lot to be thankful for when it comes to seeing the invisible and experiencing the hidden world. One man, Louie Schwartberg, has an incredible talent in revealing the hidden aspects of life on earth. […]