Why do you need a social media strategy?

Social media has become part of an overall communications strategy for organisations around the world. While social media can be an extremely effective way to find a bigger audience, it’s vital to spend time planning what you want to accomplish, what you need to do to achieve your goals and figure out how to measure and report social media progress.

What does a social media strategy look like?

A social media strategy is a document describing a plan for how your company can meet your business goals by utilizing social networking. A strategy document includes detail on:

  • Goals
  • Audience
  • Channel selection based on research
  • Rules of engagement
  • Handling negative feedback or criticism
  • Research on influencers
  • Suggested content themes
  • Publishing frequencies
  • Crisis management guidelines
  • Online advertising and content amplification

What’s the benefit of a social media strategy?

The biggest benefit to starting with a social media strategy is having a clear idea on where to spend your time, what to do and how to engage with your target audience. By starting with a strategy, you’ll be able to track and measure results to ensure the time invested in social network returns the best results.

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