Social Media Results

As social media matures, it’s vital for brands to ensure they efforts they’re putting into their social media initiatives are producing results. The only way to do that is by regularly measuring and reporting activity to determine effectiveness.

How can you measure social media effectiveness?

Having a comprehensive social media strategy is the first step to a successful implementation of social networking. Next, you need to follow that strategy closely as part of your regular social media community management. You’re then in a good position to track progress and refine your strategy.

Social media measurement depends largely on what has been included in your strategy document. Every brand will receive a customised report based on their business goals. Common areas to measure include:

  • Responsiveness to your company’s social media content: likes, shares, comments, embeds
  • Trends in follower/fan growth and demographics
  • Website traffic generated by social media
  • Content effectiveness
  • Results of paid advertising and content amplification
  • Whether your business goals are being met

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