Perth Content Marketing and Media Consulting

Need help to achieve your content marketing goals?

Content marketing is a new way to market and requires an integrated approach to be truly successful. Our consultants tackle high-level brand strategies such as:

  • Identifying your brand’s voice and messaging
  • Defining your ideal customer and target market
  • Selecting the right mix of content
  • Defining a distribution strategy via social media, email, traditional media and PR
  • Planning an amplification strategy for your content

Media Consulting helps drive your message even further

It’s one thing to create a strong brand message but can you deliver it in person? If you have the opportunity to get in front of the media or present to a live audience, you’ll want to master your delivery. Our media consultants ensure you’re at your most effective when under pressure to perform whether you’re:

  • In front of a camera
  • Addressing a live audience
  • Being interviewed by a journalist
  • Polishing a new presentation
  • Presenting to your Board of Directors
  • Giving a speech
  • MC’ing a social event

Our consultants have spent years in traditional media – TV, radio, and print – and can teach you the tricks of the trade and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Content Marketing for Perth Glory

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PayDirt’s Content Marketing Plan Included a Step-by-Step Rollout