Professional Corporate Photography

Whether you need a corporate headshot, a small photo shoot or a large-scale panoramic image, Lush caters for all types of professional corporate photography.

Marketing with Photography

The imagery you use throughout your marketing sets the tone for your audience. What ‘first impression’ are you making? When you walk into a restaurant, your senses pick up on everything. Is it friendly? Is there a good atmosphere? Does it look attractive? Is it inspiring? Likewise, when you browse a website or read marketing collateral, you get a ‘feel’ for the company based on words and images. Photography is especially important because the human brain processes images quicker than words. The photographs you use make the first impression about your business or your personal brand.

Photographs by Lush Digital are high quality and perfect for all media, including:

  • Printed marketing collateral
  • Posters, signs, banners and large format prints
  • Online marketing, including websites and social media posts
  • Stills for inclusion in TV commercials and video productions
  • Corporate photography for any kind of business from mining companies to restaurants

Outstanding Photographers

Our professional photographers capture that ‘something special’ and create images to make a statement about your organisation.

Samples of Our Work

If you want to put your company in the best possible light, use the best imagery. Get in touch with us to find out more about how professional photography can improve your business.