Why you need a content marketing strategy

Research from the Content Marketing Institute shows companies with a documented content marketing strategy are more effective than those without it.

Sixty-five per cent of the most effective Australian content marketing companies closely follow a documented strategy.

What is the goal of a content marketing strategy?

A good content marketing strategy is based on your business objectives. What’s the point of creating content if it doesn’t somehow move your audience further along a buying path?

Until you’ve defined the purpose of your content, you can’t measure whether it’s been successful. If you can’t measure, you have no way of knowing whether your efforts are successful.

How is a content marketing strategy created?

We work with you to understand your business and the goals of your content marketing initiative. We focus on helping you attract and keep an audience interested in your business.

Initially, you’ll need to commit to having a couple of meetings so we can better understand your business. We’ll go away, do our research, find out where your audience is hanging out and what information they want. We’ll deliver a documented content marketing strategy including:

  • Recommendations for original content types
  • Social media channel selection and distribution methods
  • Considerations for search and optimising each piece of content
  • Frequency, quality and consistency recommendations
  • Processes and workflows needed to implement your strategy
  • Recommended budgets

Let Lush help you with a content marketing strategy to find out how quickly your content becomes a long-term asset to your business.