The BNR team has a discussion about leadership — taking a close look at management and building a successful team, and asking what works and what doesn’t.


Here are some key take-outs:

  • Teams like leaders who lead by example.
  • Leaders need to show courage.
  • There’s a crisis of trust at the moment and much of it is because we’re being led by bad leaders.
  • You’re doing something right if your team will willingly do anything for you. (Nic used the expression “willing to take a bullet”. We don’t really encourage that in a literal sense.)
  • Sarah says a sign of a great leader is someone who pulls people within the organisation up, makes them feel good about themselves, praises them for their good work, and recognises success.
  • Leadership and culture are completely interlinked.
  • James asked why we need leaders at all. Don’t leaders sometimes stand in the way by saying “we don’t do this; we don’t do that”?
  • Learn how to coach your staff and help them get to the next level in both their personal and professional development. Foster their skills. Help them feel confident and give them a safety net.
  • The best managers and leaders are the ones who recognise their own strengths and weaknesses and those of the people in their team.
  • A good leader removes obstacles for their team.


Here are the links you might need


On My Desk

  • Sarah recommended a podcast called Conversations with Richard Fidler.
  • Nic recommended a podcasting microphone, the Zoom.
  • James was excited about something called the UAE Wallet — which he thinks is the future of passports!


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