Your Audiovisual Audience

Video MarketingHow do you connect with your prospects? Because everybody absorbs information differently, no one type of content fits all. While some of your audience will devour written emails, articles and e-books, others won’t give you a second look unless you capture their attention with video, photography and other audiovisual content. Video marketing really is for every brand, helping you reach all your potential customers.

Long-Term Video Strategy

Occasionally we work on one-off video projects, but more often we create a series of productions to better tackle your business objectives. We recommend a “drip, drip” approach to video marketing, especially as part of a wider content marketing plan. So, start today, but look at least a year or more down the road. Only then, after your consistent video efforts, will your audience know that you are committed to them. You’ll get a lot of positive feedback and want to do it over and over again. That’s why we help you plan before you start.

Video Ideas for Your Marketing Mix

Here are just some of the ways you can add video to your content marketing plan:

  • Formal and/or casual interviews
  • Case studies, testimonials and success stories
  • Advertorial style videos
  • Storytelling videos
  • Product demonstration videos
  • Tutorial, ?how-to’, and explainer videos
  • Video newsletters
  • Personal profiles
  • Vlog

Lush Can Produce & Promote Your Videos

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