Find Your Voice Workshop

Are you telling your customers what they want to hear? Or are you telling them what you want to say? Too often marketers take an inward focus and forget about marketing’s purpose: finding and keeping customers. It’s hard to attract and retain customers if you’re delivering a message they don’t care about or that is the same as your competitor’s.

Modern marketing requires a blend of art and science to be truly effective. For too long brands have relied on campaign-based solutions to marketing, often in the form of advertising. While campaigns might be effective in the short-term, they have very little ability to build a loyal audience. There’s almost zero opportunity to take a short-term campaign and turn it into a long-term business asset.

To create truly effective messaging, companies must find the intersection between what the customer wants to hear and what you want to tell them. It requires collaboration between key stakeholders and an objective facilitator to challenge ingrained ideas about how to go to market. Only when you have marketing, sales, product development, research and executive management working together will you have the opportunity to develop key messaging that can be adopted throughout your organisation.

The end result of a successful Find Your Voice workshop is a comprehensive messaging framework that identifies how each key message will be delivered to the many different audiences you market to.

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How does it work?

You and your team experience a collaborative workshop designed to challenge your thinking about how you’re currently communicating your core messages and how you can differentiate your company in the mind of the public and the media. Everyone has a chance to contribute in an interactive session designed to draw out the capabilities of your offering. The team will be guided through a scoring exercise for each capability to determine which messages have the most competitive advantage and are the most desirable to your customers.

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Who should attend?

For optimal benefit to your organisation, we suggest representatives from the following stakeholder groups attend the workshop:

  • marketing
  • sales/business development
  • PR/internal communications
  • customer support
  • product management
  • research and development
  • product training
  • professional services

What is the deliverable?

A documented messaging framework will be the outcome of the workshops. This will give you the foundation for creating positive stories about your brand. It’s also the first step to developing a content marketing strategy. It will definitely help everyone deliver the same messages for your brand.

How to register for our messaging workshop

To register for a 1/2 day workshop session led by our content marketing and media experts, contact us directly for availability. These sessions are incredibly popular and usually require advance booking of at least two weeks. Workshops are run in the Lush Digital Media office or at the location of your choice.