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17 04, 2014

Successful video production - The essential ingredients

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We get asked many questions here at Lush Digital around what the essential ingredients are to make a great video. We can probably give you a thousand different ‘ingredients,’ but we know that a well crafted video comes from years of experience & creative minds. So like every job we complete, we get the team involved to add their thoughts to the project and thus below is some of their essential ‘ingredients.’ […]

10 04, 2014

Only We…

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According to content marketing guru, Professor Mark Schaefer, ‘only we…’ is the most important sentence every organisation must finish before creating a content marketing strategy. If you can’t finish it, you are not going to hit the mark when it comes to producing exceptional, rich content. What are the things you do differently? What are the things that your audience connects with you for? And what are the things your competitors wish they did as well as you? […]

3 04, 2014

Who’s the fool now…?

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It’s been a week of April Fools jokes. The web is saturated with stories, videos and photos causing a stir. Is it real? Is it fake? How do they get away with that? You either love them or loathe them, but there’s no denying that a successful April Fools joke is a hugely effective PR tool. […]