20 08, 2014

Take a Look Inside Our Kimono . . .

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Have you ever been engaged in a conversation but then walked away from it not actually knowing what was said? Corp talk. It’s a rapidly growing and evolving language - a linguist’s dream. […]

1 08, 2014

Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee!

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Everyone loves an optical illusion, a way of challenging our perceptions. Remember the thrill of seeing your first magic eye picture? Seeing something that initially didn’t appear to exist? Video has a lot to be thankful for when it comes to seeing the invisible and experiencing the hidden world. One man, Louie Schwartberg, has an incredible talent in revealing the hidden aspects of life on earth. […]

25 07, 2014

Time to move onwards and upwards…

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The Lush Team are on the move! We’ve moved from Money to Lord (it has a ring doesn’t it) Our lovely home in Money Street, Perth has become a little on the cramped side and so we’re moving to Lord Street - something far more spacious that allows us to have our own TV and Radio studios as well. We’re moving in the right direction hopefully - to mark the occasion and to celebrate the fact that we’ve just completed our 1100 video production this week we thought we’d share the 5 essential tips to making a successful video production today! To be honest we could probably give you a thousand different ‘ingredients,’ but since we swear by the adage that less is more, here goes! […]

17 07, 2014

Escapism for the Senses (take a break!)

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Imagine going back to a time in your childhood, when the world was a magical, new and exciting place full of new experiences… […]

9 07, 2014

Adverts that you choose to watch! Seriously??

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Let me say from the outset - I avoid ads like the plague! That could be because of my BBC and ABC background perhaps, but maybe it’s as a result of being in Australia for the past ten years where the commercial TV network use programs as an excuse to hammer their audience with ad after ad! Showing utter contempt for your audience isn’t a recipe for a sustainable business in my view. So, with all that said - now I want to draw your attention to an “ad” that I think you’ll find really interesting! […]

3 07, 2014

Is your bark as effective as your bite?

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Unless you’ve been buried in an avalanche the last few weeks (highly unlikely), you’ll be aware that’s there’s been a few games of soccer going on…and what goes hand-in-hand with a global event like the World Cup…?  […]

26 06, 2014

Curiosity and the Crutch

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Have you ever had a time in life where your perceptions of people and circumstance shift just ever so slightly? Having recently broken my foot and now spending my days hopping around on crutches, it’s really surprised me as to how curious people are. A normal commute to work would normally involve getting from a to b with nothing to report on in between, now it’s become a time for story-telling! […]

19 06, 2014

The guerrilla in the room

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Drivers take their eyes off the road for an average of 5 seconds when texting, the time taken to cover the length of a soccer field blindfolded, travelling at 90kph. 40% of all crashes involving mobile phones result in serious injury or death. Shocking stats, but you’ll forget them. Watch this viral video which has the same message, yet it’s told VERY differently… […]

11 06, 2014

Who said you shouldn’t give to receive…?

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If you type into Google search “There’s no such thing as….”, high up on the list is “a free lunch”. It’s a phrase we hear a lot, meaning you can’t get something for nothing. This is particularly true of the average sales person in the business world. […]

5 06, 2014

You’re Being Watched!

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Have you ever watched a lion cub being born, a guy jumping through the atmosphere, or what goes on inside your dishwasher when you hit the ‘start’ button?! Think of the most bizarre situation you could possibly be in…chances are there’s someone who has somehow filmed that situation so that everyone else can experience it online! […]