Making an emotional connection with your audience is essential in encouraging action. This is particularly relevant for not-for-profit organisations who rely on the engagement of others to stay in business.

The Value of Story Telling

The value of visual story telling has increased significantly over the years, video production has become an essential component in every communications and marketing plan.

Video production is proven to enhance the story-telling capabilities of a charity and increase awareness of their mission. Since a charity tends to be based on passion, commitment and often sacrifice, it is easy to capture the soul of the company through those key people at the heart of the business.


Reach your Audience

Once the core story has been visualised, it can be distributed easily to the masses, or to a select audience through online, social media campaigns and digital newsletters. We offer these services and have many not-for profit organisations on board already. Call us for a chat about how these different platforms can benefit your business, whether as a not-for-profit or any other sector.

Lush Digital’s latest not-for-profit production

Here is our latest video production created by Jesse. It is a short promotional video for ‘Homestead for Youth’, a WA based not-for-profit whose mission is to advance the recovery and safe refuge for at risk youth. Their purpose is to connect youth and their families through a faith based, rural family environment using hands-on therapies that empowers and restores lives.

The purpose of the video is to seek support through donations, funding and volunteer efforts in order to continue to change the lives of thousands of teenagers in WA.

Lucy Helliwell