Sarah has had enough. Having been bombarded by drip email campaigns for years, she lets fly at this increasingly popular — but often very annoying —marketing  strategy. But, does it work? And, if you’re going to use it, how do you get it right?

  • While Sarah might hate the tactic, companies that excel at drip marketing generate 80 per cent more sales at 33 per cent lower costs. Here are the statistics.
  • Drip marketing works by keeping you at the forefront of the prospect’s mind, providing a contact point for leads, and helping you target prospects who might be interested in future.

On My Desk

  • Nic recommended his article, which appeared on Mumbrella recently, on how to engage with journalists and editors.
  • Sarah recommended reading the latest edition of CCO Magazine.
  • James’ recommendation was a Vimeo blog called “drive engagement with new interaction tools”.

Have you heard the one about…

Recently James and Sarah had a discussion with Mark Masters about great content marketing strategies.

And here’s a discussion with Sandra Brewer of Perceptive Marketing on managing messaging for multiple brands.

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