Sometimes it’s not that easy to convey your business value proposition succinctly and make an impact! We often see our job as that of a translator - we take the complicated dump down and turn it in to something that is concise, focused and memorable.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been working on such a project with ZIPT - a technology company that allows you to call or message any phone on any global network. It’s a big deal!

Before we came on board as the creator of the video there was a lack of collateral that could really tell the compelling story effectively.

But within a matter of days of the video going live and being used in presentations with brokers and other key individuals, ZIPT saw their share price treble.

Watch the video here:

Perhaps your company isn’t trying to push up its’ share price, but I guarantee it still has a real need to convey a compelling story. Next time you’re struggling to tell that story, go beyond the predictable and create something that your audience “gets” and can “run with”! You’ll be amazed at the results!


James Lush