…We think it’s shifted!

Back in 2012 we won a Telstra Business Award here in WA - it was in the category sponsored by a large media publishing company. Our prize was a fairly substantial amount of money that could be spent in contra, advertising on any of their platforms. Not one to usually go down the advertising route, we didn’t rush in! 18 months later it was a case of use it or lose it!

Well, yesterday our one month campaign on a couple of websites came to an end. According to the report sent through, we had had fantastic results!

Let me just say, their definition of fantastic isn’t quite the same as ours!

“Overall the campaign attracted 153 clicks with click through rates of 0.04% and 0.20% which is fantastic.  Our network average for similar activity is 0.03% to 0.05%”

We were staggered - 0.03%-0.05% is considered successful?

These figures in my opinion mean nothing. I’m only interested in ONE thing - did it do anything for business?

And the answer to that is a categorical NO!

Why? You could argue our ad was pretty ordinary, not creative enough, too simplistic etc? But quite simply I believe it’s because banner advertising or any of the equivalent is interruptive. People didn’t go to that site for our advert! As a result we were irrelevant and perhaps “annoying”! These days, there is a lot of noise - we are being interrupted left, right and centre. But is that what WE want?

We are of the opinion that people want information/entertainment that is USEFUL! Something that educates, inspires, motivates and creates a greater brand connection.

Our aim is to create that sort of content - and over the last 5 years we’ve probably created around 1000 productions along these lines.

So to go back to our original opening statement…

We’re not saying advertising is dead, we think it has shifted. To work well today, our belief is that it has to compliment and work alongside all the other content that is being produced. Only by deepening that brand relationship with your audience will you see the long term benefits - the issue is that this can take time!

Throwing money at an ad campaign falls in to the “this is what we’ve done before” category. But, are there better alternative options available today? And could we run a marketing and content strategy alongside each other to have even greater success?

James Lush

Image: courtesy of Will Lion