27 01, 2016

Brand Newsroom 72: Sexism in Advertising

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This week, after attending the 21st birthday celebration of prominent global advertising [...]

27 11, 2014

Video Production: Advance of the Drones

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There’s only so many ways you can advertise a block of land. After all, grass is not exactly glamorous, is it? We were recently given this challenge for a company that is selling land to build on. Here’s an example of how effective drones are as a way of capturing stunning aerial footage. […]

18 11, 2014

Are You A Brand Puppet without Realising?

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I have previously written about how companies utilise the consumer by advertising their brand name through personalisation, i.e. by displaying individual names on a product like Coca-Cola; or using Facebook advertising to be in line-of-sight to the consumer by displaying adverts of products they have been viewing online. The consumer essentially becomes a marketing tool. But what if this develops further in the future? What if the consumer becomes the primary distributor in content marketing? […]

26 03, 2014

Marketing success - Brains, Budget or Facebook?

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Online marketing is big business; companies are willing to spend a vast amount of money and man-hours on flash campaigns to spread the message of their brand. But what if you could get the same results (or better) in the time it takes to drink your morning cappuccino and without spending a cent?! The most recent social media phenomenon is the ‘No make-up selfie’ in aid of Cancer Research. Females take a ‘selfie’ (named ‘The word of 2013’ by the Oxford Dictionary!), post it on Facebook with a pledge to donate and then nominate a couple of friends to do the same. The charity made $2million in 48 hours! You may assume that this was a cleverly executed marketing plan…but actually, the charity admitted that they had no involvement whatsoever! It’s the modern day chain mail and a new way of being heard above the ‘noise’ …by getting the social media community to do the work for you! […]

19 03, 2014

50 million online views - now that’s clever advertising!

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Have you seen this video production that Budweiser created for the 2014 Superbowl final? It’s incredible!   That’s not an advert I hear you say! I think you’re right. It’s SO much more! Let’s face it, there aren’t that many ads that get a staggering 49 million plus views. And I’m not sure there are many ads that make you feel a greater connection with a brand. Most advertising is interruptive. This isn’t! So, is it an ad? I’d argue not - I think it’s clever content marketing! […]

5 03, 2014

I’m not saying advertising is dead, but…

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…We think it’s shifted! Back in 2012 we won a Telstra Business Award here in WA - it was in the category sponsored by a large media publishing company. Our prize was a fairly substantial amount of money that could be spent in contra, advertising on any of their platforms. Not one to usually go down the advertising route, we didn’t rush in! 18 months later it was a case of use it or lose it! Well, yesterday our one month campaign on a couple of websites came to an end. According to the report sent through, we had had fantastic results! Let me just say, their definition of fantastic isn’t quite the same as ours! “Overall the campaign attracted 153 clicks with click through rates of 0.04% and 0.20% which is fantastic.  Our network average for similar activity is 0.03% to 0.05%” We were staggered - 0.03%-0.05% is considered successful? […]