The news been really depressing lately, with so much death, destruction, doom and gloom. Why is it that the news always seems to focus on the negative? And is there room for more positive news? James and Nic take a look at good news versus bad news and the opportunity that creates for marketers.

Here are some key take-outs:


  • Reporters aren’t just looking for the negative in a story, it’s their job to test the positive. It’s how they cut through the “spin”.
  • But the media, recognising the public distaste for the negative, has now said “let’s make space for the positives”. And that’s creating an opportunity for brands.

“There’s an appetite for the positive and brands need to find a way to make something that’s a negative in tone and turn it into something that can be seen in a positive light. — Nic


  • Out of every negative there’s a positive that can be found around it.
  • Social media is a great space to spread a positive message. It’s a place people go to escape and have a laugh. It’s also where people go to find a new angle or an interesting twist on a story.

“When we turn on the television, turn on the radio or open the newspaper, it may well be a very different discussion to the one we’re seeing on social media. What you see come out in social media is some of the human stories and some of the positive stories.” — James


  • Make sure your “good news” message is still aligned with your brand.
  • A good story will continue to circulate.


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