Brand Newsroom 149: How to succeed at video for social

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Nic Hayes and Sarah Mitchell are joined by Lush’s senior producer Ian Bignell for a conversation about how to succeed at producing video for social media.

Every day half a billion people are watching videos on Facebook. More than half of all of us are watching video online every single day. So video for social is clearly an incredible opportunity for brands to get their message out to an audience. And if anyone knows how to get it right, it’s Ian.

Here are some key take-outs:

  • In 2017 video will account for 74 per cent of all web traffic. 55 per cent of people watch video online every day.
  • There isn’t a formula to guarantee success, but if you’re realistic about what you plan to achieve and you put a strategy in place, it can really work for you.
  • Audiences are attracted to videos that shock, educate or entertain. They make for very shareable videos.
  • Video needs to grab people’s attention right up front, otherwise people will scroll past.
  • Optimal video lengths are getting shorter but if it’s really entertaining, people will hang in for the end.
  • Know what action you want the audience to take. You need to know that first, then develop the creative to fit that.
  • Don’t try to sell. If the audience senses you’re selling, they’re gone.
  • Trying to be funny can really fail. Try too hard and it just won’t work. And be careful not to offend. But if it’s really relatable, it can work.

On My Desk

  • Sarah’s recommendation was the #yolocaust video. It’s incredible.
  • Ian recommended AIME Global’s “Cogs? video.
  • And Nic, who didn’t seem to get the message we’re talking about video, has recommended a free photography website called Pixabay.

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