Customer centricity. It’s the latest marketing buzzword. What is it? Well, it’s all about prioritising your customer’s specific needs, observing them objectively in order to understand these needs, and developing products and service offerings to deliver on these needs.

Today the BNR marketing podcast team asks, shouldn’t that be obvious?

Here are some key take-outs:

  • If you’re not there for the audience, what are you there for? Brands that service their audience well are the ones that succeed. So it’s odd that “customer centricity” is suddenly getting attention.
  • The customer isn’t always right. If you really want to service the customer well, you have to give them the best advice — and sometimes that’s to tell them that they’re wrong. Sometimes that might even lead to ending the relationship with the client.
  • An open and honest relationship between a client and an agency is absolutely vital to success.
  • Go back to your business goals and appraise where you’re at. Ask yourself if your relationships are adding value to your business, and to the business you’re working with.
  • Don’t take your best customers for granted.

Here are the links you might need

On My Desk

  • Nic recommended Media Stable’s new podcast, The Experts. It’ll be out soon.
  • Sarah recommended this blog post by Carla Johnson called 34 of the Best Non-Marketing Books for Marketers.
  • James mentioned former US Federal Bureau of Investigations chief, James Comey, and the way he held himself during his recent US Senate committee appearance. He was, James says, a lesson in communicating with authenticity.

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