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Every year Brand Newsroom host Nic Hayes runs a series of events, called Meet the Media, around Australia’s capital cities. It’s a fantastic concept that allows brands to meet journalists and editors from major media outlets and find out how they can work with them more effectively. Needless to say, it’s hugely popular. Today, Nic, James and Sarah discuss the take-outs from this year’s series.


Here are some key points about how brands should deal with the media if they want to be successful in getting coverage in mainstream media outlets:

  • Don’t pitch the product or the service; pitch the story.
  • You aren’t courting the media; it’s a transaction that’s taking place.
  • Each journalist, producer, editor or presenter has a preferred channel of contact and content delivery.
  • Do your research on your target media. Make sure you address the correct person and get their name and title right.
  • Get straight to the point.


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