Professor George Lakoff of Berkeley University says US President Donald Trump uses four main tactics to set the news agenda through his tweets. Here’s his analysis:

So can brands use similar tactics? Or would that be a formula for disaster? Today the Brand Newsroom team takes a look at what we can all learn from Trump’s Twitter.


Here are some key take-outs:

  • Trump uses these tactics negatively and, while it has worked, more and more people are starting to see through it and his polls are slumping. It would not be a good way for brands to go to market.
  • The repetition of message clearly works for Trump. Can you think of the New York Times without thinking of “the failing New York Times,” even though the paper isn’t failing?
  • Some of Trump’s tactics amount to not taking responsibility for yourself and your actions, which is a bad tactic for brands. You’re breaking trust with the consumer.
  • When it comes to a “trial balloon,” it’s a pretty common tactic for both politics and brands. Some people will view it cynically but it often works quite well.


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