Nenad Senic is group editor at Slovenian content marketing agency Poslovni Mediji and the European editor of Chief Content Officer magazine. He’s one of Europe’s top content marketing minds and an expert in how to use print effectively.

When the Content Marketing Institute’s Australian 2017 Benchmarks report came out recently and revealed 39 per cent of us are still using print as a distribution channel for content, Nenad was the obvious person to call. He joins James and Sarah for a chat.

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Here are some key take-outs:

  • While we’re always looking for a “new solution”, print never really went away. Consumers are familiar with it, they like it and they trust it, and for those reasons it still works for brands.
  • “Digital transformation” doesn’t just mean you get rid of everything that’s not digital. There are plenty of examples where print still works.

“One of the reasons marketers need to really consider print is it gives you the ability to discover things you can’t find online. You discover things your filter bubble might otherwise screen out.” — Sarah


  • Print doesn’t have to be a part of your content marketing strategy, but don’t forget to consider it in case it will work for you.
  • Nenad says the best pay to use print as part of an integration of many channels — use it together with digital and other channels. Sainsbury’s Magazine is also fantastic.

“The best test, or compliment, to your content marketing — to see if it’s relevant — is if your customers also want to give you money for your content, not just for your products or services.” — Nenad Senic


  • We engage with print as consumers when we don’t want to be interruptive. It’s more of an immersive experience. That’s valuable for a brand.
  • Ask yourself what you want to achieve? Is it just people reading your print content, or is it about driving consumers to your other channels, your products and your services and keeping them loyal longer term?

“Understand who that person is you’re trying to reach. Is it a medium that they will enjoy, that they will pick up and participate in.” — Sarah


  • Don’t forget print takes time. There is a “lead” time; you can’t put a magazine out tomorrow.
  • Work with someone who really understands print.


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