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8 06, 2015

Are You Scared by Content Marketing Fear Appeals?

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The Content Marketing Institute claims “fear is advertising and marketing’s great motivator”. And rightfully so, as psychologists have stipulated fear can be as important in a decision making process as it is in survival. Are claims as significant as these enough for you to consider using fear as a tactic to prompt customers into action? […]

4 06, 2015

One Word to Lose From Your Content Marketing Vocabulary

By | June 4th, 2015|Categories: Content Marketing|2 Comments

Are you looking for a quick win with your content marketing? Do you have a short-term project and want to develop content to support it? Are you looking for a way to build influence or attract an audience right now? If you’re looking for a content marketing campaign, you’re heading for disappointment. […]

2 06, 2015

Storytelling: What Journalists Know and Marketers Don’t

By | June 2nd, 2015|Categories: Content Marketing, Storytelling|2 Comments

Journalists have been creating amazing content for centuries. It is a craft that has grown and evolved over time and, along the way, the men and women who practice it have learned a thing or two about storytelling. […]

2 06, 2015

Brand Newsroom 38: Gen Y Wake-up Call

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Media producers need a wake-up call, according to Charlie Caruso. While we [...]