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7 04, 2015

Brand Newsroom 30: Jordana Borensztajn on Using Humour in Your Content

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Are you funny? Can you write content to evoke a smile or [...]

6 04, 2015

The Vital Website Test You Need to Take for SEO

By | April 6th, 2015|Categories: Content Marketing, SEO|Comments Off on The Vital Website Test You Need to Take for SEO

Google has done an extraordinary thing. For the first time ever, they’ve announced a change to their algorithm before they’ve implemented it. Usually they give vague hints or guidelines about what they have planned for future updates. In this instance, they’ve given website owners advance notice. Ignore it at the peril of your organic search engine rankings. […]

2 04, 2015

Video Production: 3 Essentials for Indoor Filming

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You’ve got a cameraman and producer staring at you through a lens, repositioning you, fluffing up cushions or straightening your collar. Being interviewed on camera can feel like all eyes are on you, but it’s not just your appearance being scrutinised- everything in the frame needs checking out. What we see through the camera’s viewfinder is what your audience will see in the final product. […]