BNR’s producer, Dan Hatch, joins Nic Hayes and Sarah Mitchell to take a deep dive into what’s going wrong with the media these days — from credibility, accountability, shrinking newsrooms and falling advertising revenues to fake news and “churnalism”.


Here are some key take-outs:

  • Shrinking advertising revenues have led to shrinking newsrooms and reduced quality.
  • The media is more polarized than ever. We really see this in the US where the laws were changed in the 80s to remove the requirement for balance.
  • Less well-resourced newsrooms mean there’s a lack of specialisation in journalism, making it harder for journalists to hold power to account.
  • Journalists are working very hard but they are under-resourced.
  • Media consumption has changed and the media hasn’t adapted.
  • News consumers are actively looking for quality news and they’re starting to show they’re willing to pay for it by subscribing to news services they like.


On My Desk

  • Sarah’s recommendation was Mic.
  • Dan’s recommendation was the Facebook page, Angry People in Local Newspapers.
  • Nic’s recommendation was to take the time out to meet other business owners and have a coffee. He’s doing two a week. The idea is to see if there’s a way to help each other’s businesses.


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