Become a Public Speaking and Presentation Superstar

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Become a Public Speaking and Presentation Superstar

If the whole idea of standing up and talking in front of an audience, regardless of size, fills you with utter fear, this is the public speaking and presentation training course for you.

The reality is that so much of our inability to perform well is psychological. So imagine how you’d feel with a bit of gentle rewiring!

 In just three-and-a-half hours you’ll get a grasp of what it takes to make great presentations every time. What kind of difference could that make to your career?

What we’ll cover

 During the public speaking and presentation skills workshop you’ll learn to create and deliver presentations based on the following: 

  • What are you aiming to achieve? What do you want your audience to do afterwards?
  • What stories will best get your messages across? 
  • What do you know of your audience and how can you best connect with them?
  • What slides would you need to make the presentation compelling? 
  • What will it take for you to feel comfortable and even enjoy the experience? 

Your Trainer

 James Lush is a broadcaster with the ABC and BBC and a founder/director of Lush Digital Media, West Australian’s largest content marketing agency. He is a keynote speaker at events all over the country and is a popular MC for major events. He has a master’s in Psychology and uses his combined experience and knowledge from the world of media and psychology to forever change the way you present. The results are incredible — his ability to turn ordinary into special means he is continually in high demand to work with some of Australia’s finest leaders.

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What you need?

 Every one attending will come along with a recent presentation of up to five minutes in length and you’ll be required to present it. These short presentations will be filmed and reviewed so that you can see how you are coming across and learn from some of the mistakes you might be making.

The outcome

 In a matter of a few hours you will feel totally different about speaking in public. You’ll be confident about putting a presentation together, even under tight time constraints. You’ll understand how your body language, tone and pace can all be used to make the message more compelling. And most important, you’ll no longer be fearful about speaking in front of an audience!

Background reading

 Take a look at some of James’ blog posts about presentation skills. 

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The next public speaking and presentation skills workshops with James Lush will take place on:

 13 September 2022

18 October 2022

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 Workshops take place at the Lush Digital Media studios at 295 Lord Street, Perth, 6000.

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About the Author:

James Lush is the founder and director of Lush Digital Media. Starting out at the BBC in the UK, he has more than two decades of experience in broadcasting, production and consultancy. He still has time for his passion for radio, and is currently the presenter of 720 ABC Breakfast in Perth.