Ninety-eight million people in the US listen to podcasts every year, with an average listening time of more than four hours per week. Podcasting has finally arrived as a mainstream medium. The Brand Newsroom team shares their secrets to success:


Here are some key take-outs:

  • Podcasting has become a prominent platform in the past year or two. Brands can capitalise on this if they can create content that fulfils a need.
  • People listen to an average of five podcasts per week and most listen to them within 24 hours of the time they go live.

“(Podcasts) started off slowly because it didn’t have an audience and it struggled with quality… but I’ve seen a massive shift, particularly in the last twelve months, where people are not listening to traditional media for their content. They’re going out to find it and when they find it they love it and stick with it.” — Nic

  • Technology, including smartphones and WiFi-enabled cars, is going to continue to make it much easier to listen to podcasts — especially at a time when people wouldn’t normally be consuming content.
  • Quality is very important. The standard has improved in recent years and people won’t come back a second time to listen to poor sound quality.

“Have the workflows and processes in place to support the consistency and frequency that you want to publish because the minute you don’t drop an episode when people are expecting it, they get restless and they’ll go looking for something else.” — Sarah

  • You have to have something to say. Parroting what everyone else is saying isn’t going to win you grow an audience. You need something original to say. Look for a niche.
  • Publish regularly.
  • The best traffic for podcast listens comes from social media.

“Broadcasters are recognising the importance of podcasting now, and in the last year alone the ABC (the Australian Broadcasting Corporation) has seen an increase of 31 per cent for podcasting. So if that’s not an indication of where things are going, I don’t know what is.” — James

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