According the Content Marketing Institute’s Australian Benchmark’s 2017 Report, 78 per cent of Australian businesses use email marketing. About half of us say it is critical — indeed the most critical — tactic we have for distributing our content. We’re all using email marketing, but what’s considered best practice?

In today’s podcast, James, Nic and Sarah take a deep dive into how to use email marketing.


Here are the key take-outs:

  • Email marketing can be extremely effective. People look at their email every day.
  • Don’t be a part of the problem. Don’t create spam. Find out what your subscribers want.
  • Don’t just ask yourself what you want to achieve with your email marketing; ask your audience what they want to read.

“You do get to a point where you can be doing more harm than good (sending out ineffective email marketing).” — Sarah


  • Share the responsibility for writing the email throughout your organisation, to share your expertise and provide real insights and valuable information to your readers.
  • Put your personality into your newsletter, as well as your expertise.

“If you’re just going to spam people, it’s a lot easier to just go out and buy AdWords,” — Sarah


  • When should you send your email marketing out? It depends. Experiment. See what times and days give you the best result.
  • Segment your database. Don’t hit everyone up with every email, especially if they’re not going to find the email relevant or informative.
  • Focus on your subject line. Don’t use generic ones. Try to be eye-catching.

“Email is so important, but it’s not the only part (of marketing) — it should be one of many parts.” — Nic


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