Brand Newsroom 28: Arnie Kuenn on the New SEO Order

/Brand Newsroom 28: Arnie Kuenn on the New SEO Order

Brand Newsroom 28: Arnie Kuenn on the New SEO Order


American SEO expert Arnie Kuenn joins Brand Newsroom to discuss SEO and why brand journalists are perfectly poised to impress Google without having to spend a lot of money or employ an SEO agency. Who can’t get behind that idea?

He discusses an important change coming to the Google algorithm, the first time Google has ever pre-announced a change.  And shares why he thinks the editorial calendar is one of the best SEO weapons around.

Arnie joined the Brand Newsroom team for a live recording at Content Marketing World Sydney 2015. He’s generous with his advice about how to create findable content without investing a lot of time on keyword research.

 Have you changed your approach to SEO?


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