Fugro – Search for the Missing MH370

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Project Description

Project Brief

The biggest story in the world, missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 is also the biggest mystery. Dutch company Fugro, equipped with deepwater search vessels and subsea echosounding equipment, was called to the search for the missing MH370 in October 2014.

Despite it’s world-class expertise in subsea exploration, Fugro had little media training. How would Fugro handle the media if their team found missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370?

Fugro understood that having an established, positive presence is absolutely vital when working on something with such a high profile. Should anything go wrong, the company must have a solid media reputation to draw upon. Having no media presence would put the organization forever on the back foot.

Faced with this prospect, Fugro asked Lush Digital to advise and consult it’s staff on how best to handle media attention in a crisis situation.

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Lush Solution

Lush began by advising, consulting and training Fugro, to ready them for media attention. As we worked with Fugro, it quickly became apparent that, despite not yet finding MH370, there was an incredible story needing to be told. The efforts of Fugro, its impressive vessels and cutting edge equipment were, as yet, hidden from the world.

Lush helped Fugro to tell the story of their involvement in the search for MH370. By humanizing the story with emotion and tact, Lush produced a video that shows how much is invested in the search. Fugro were able to show off their incredible underwater surveying skills as well as show the culture of the organization involved.

We also developed a content strategy that involved the production of a series of video and written stories: ‘The stories behind the search for MH370’. The Lush creative team is currently writing regular articles and producing video stories. Each piece is strategically amplified to a worldwide audience.

To complete Furgo’s media makeover, Lush has written new copy and tidied up the story on the corporate webpage. Overall, we have created consistency and relevancy for the worldwide audience. Furgo is more than ready for media attention, whether that attention be good or bad!

Creating a Positive Media Presence

“Fugro’s search for MH370 is by far the largest ultra-deep survey ever undertaken.”