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Traction News - Online Magazine by Tireweb Marketing

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Project Brief After years of successfully using article marketing as a way to establish credibility and enhance authority in the USA tire industry, Tireweb Marketing wanted to create their own publication. Current industry media publications are focused on news and events. Tireweb recognised an opportunity to provide content to help tire business owners become [...]

Finbar - Civic Heart

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Project Brief One of Perth’s leading lifestyle property developers, Finbar asked Lush Digital to help promote its highly anticipated luxury apartment complex “Civic Heart”. Located in South Perth, the target market for Civic Heart includes property buyers such as working professionals and property investors. Essentially, the project brief was to promote and sell the [...]

TIMA - The Institute of Martial Arts

Project Brief When TIMA came to Lush they had only recently launched their business - a coaching and mentoring system for owners of martial arts studios. The TIMA platform delivers training and tools to help martial arts school owners grow their business and create success. TIMA aims to inspire and empower people to believe they could become the person and [...]

Fugro – Search for the Missing MH370

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Project Brief The biggest story in the world, missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 is also the biggest mystery. Dutch company Fugro, equipped with deepwater search vessels and subsea echosounding equipment, was called to the search for the missing MH370 in October 2014. Despite it's world-class expertise in subsea exploration, Fugro had little media training. How would Fugro handle the media [...]

REEP by Master Group - Forecasting, Cashflow, Budgeting

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Project Brief REEP is a new software product from Master Group, the company behind Agrimaster, an accounting software for the agricultural market. Master Group has been in business for more than 30 years and has a good market presence throughout Australia. Despite this, it needed to create awareness of REEP as a new product for [...]

acQuire Technology Solutions

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Project Brief As part of an overall rebranding exercise, acQuire wanted to develop a more conversational tone of voice in all their sales and marketing communication including website copy, sales letters, and marketing brochures. Due to the success of that project, acQuire embarked on a content marketing strategy with the assistance of Lush Digital [...]