Finbar - Civic Heart

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Project Brief One of Perth’s leading lifestyle property developers, Finbar asked Lush Digital to help promote its highly anticipated luxury apartment complex “Civic Heart”. Located in South Perth, the target market for Civic Heart includes property buyers such as working professionals and property investors. Essentially, the project brief was to promote and sell the [...]

Fugro – Search for the Missing MH370

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Project Brief The biggest story in the world, missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 is also the biggest mystery. Dutch company Fugro, equipped with deepwater search vessels and subsea echosounding equipment, was called to the search for the missing MH370 in October 2014. Despite it's world-class expertise in subsea exploration, Fugro had little media training. How would Fugro handle the media [...]

Protean Wave Energy Converter

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Project Brief Like a solar panel captures energy from the sun, the buoy-like Protean Wave Energy Converter (WEC) harvests energy from the ocean’s waves. The device was originally developed by Protean Energy Australia, but both the technology and the business were acquired in 2014 by Stonehenge Metals (ASX:SHE). Stonehenge is a minerals exploration company [...]