Project Description

Project Brief

REEP is a new software product from Master Group, the company behind Agrimaster, an accounting software for the agricultural market. Master Group has been in business for more than 30 years and has a good market presence throughout Australia. Despite this, it needed to create awareness of REEP as a new product for a wider target audience.

Designed to help small business to do forecasting, cash flow scenarios and budgeting, REEP is not exclusive to the agriculture industry. Master Group hired Lush to develop a brand newsroom strategy to attract a wider market of small business owners, create brand awareness and build a subscriber base for REEP.


Lush Solution


Lush provided full content marketing strategy including market research and analysis.


Lush set up a “brand newsroom” for REEP, helping them to produce high quality content on a consistent basis.


Lush continues to help Master Group build its online audience for REEP. We are now part of their marketing team.

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REEP - Making budgeting what you need it to be. A better decision making tool for your business.