We are regularly asked to film events and produce a video documenting the activities. This could range from an awards ceremony to a small seminar to a huge 3-day corporate conference. Documenting an event through video is an excellent way of maximising content and taking full potential of the hard work put into the production of an event.

There are a variety of events that benefit from being captured by video: award ceremonies, product launches, company announcements, conferences, corporate networking, sales training, award ceremonies, workshops and seminars.

8 reasons for documenting your event through video:

  • Increase your reach - Some people may not have been able to attend the event. A video enables them to feel as though they did not completely miss out.
  • Added value - The video may include information from the event that one would only receive from actually being there (i.e., through a presentation or speech.) Being partial to information being delivered to a specific audience adds value to the experience. Footage could be accessed through downloadable links.
  • Document and create event longevity - Video permanently documents information contained in a speech or presentation. This can be accessed at a later date or re-purposed into another format like an article or press release.
  • Showcase your work - It provides a means of showcasing an event, capturing the atmosphere and highlighting the work of a team.
  • Promotional tool - Video is an effective promotional tool. It can be used to advertise the next event and encourage participation or ticket sales.
  • Publicity tool - A video can be distributed to the media which will add excitement to the standard press release.
  • Easily shared - Video is quick to share with others and easily accessible. It can be sent to a wider audience by embedding it in an email, through a digital newsletter or on social media platforms.
  • Training tool - Document the knowledge of participants and share with others that could not attend. It could also be package into an online video tool to be accessed internally by staff. This is also a cost-effective way of distributing information as personal attendance is not required. This is particularly useful for a nationwide or global company.

The sizzle

Our most popular video request is what we call a ‘sizzle’. This is a highlights package containing some or all of the following elements:

  • Interviews with key speakers from the event
  • Vox pops with visitors/consumers of the event
  • Highlights from the event’s activities
  • Footage of people interacting and networking - this would include a variety of different filming techniques including slo-motion and timelapse
  • A call to action for future events

Video production for an event launch

Video is the perfect way to capture the anticipation and excitement of a product or service launch, document the defining moments that cause the crowd to applaud and gain insight into the inspiration behind the product. Here we filmed the 2015 season launch of Black Swan State Theatre Company in Perth. It features speeches from actors and directors, interviews with the stars and footage from the evenings activities.


Live event editing

With advanced notice your film crew can provide a live editor for the day. This means that as the action happens, the editor is packaging together the footage resulting in a highlights video to show your audience at the end of the event. It’s a fantastic way of rounding up the days activity not to mention the excitement from the audience at seeing themselves on the big screen.

Content Marketing Institute puts on international events featuring speakers from around the globe. We attended the conference in Sydney and produced live ‘sizzles’ which were played to participants at the end of the day. The videos were produced on-the-go and included a combination of daytime presentations and night-time networking.

 How can you reach the full potential of your event?

If you are interested in documenting your event, feel free to call us for a chat and we will organise a crew to attend. In addition we offer a photographer who will accompany the film crew and can provide professional stills that complement the footage. These are often used in print publications and distributed through social media.

Events provide a huge amount of content you can recycle for various purposes. They’re expensive to put on and can be hard work to facilitate. Maximising the benefits of your next in-person event helps extend your investment and build marketing assets at the same time.

- by Lucy Helliwell