‘Behind the scenes’ videos are a fantastic tool to engage and connect with your audience. The benefits include:

-       Showcasing the team behind the project.

-       Educating the audience on the length and depth of work involved, allowing for a deeper understanding and appreciation of a project.

-       Offering an added ‘extra’ by providing material that supports and compliments the project.

Scitech: Rio Innovation Central Exhibition

What is included in a ‘behind the scenes’ video?

It depends on whether you’re selling an event, product or service, but typically you would expect to find these elements in the video:

-       Interviews with key people involved in the project, including stories, insider knowledge and an explanation of the thought process behind the product.

-       Time-lapse footage of the project being assembled.

-       Vision of the people involved working on the project; this could be the team interacting, creating something, and testing a product.

-       A call to action at the end of the video tying it to the main event/product.


A Human Connection

Often in business, the consumer is totally removed from the process and the public only sees the end product. Take an event for example - the visitor buys a ticket to enter, enjoys the experience, then leaves. By providing this additional material, i.e. a ‘behind the scenes’ video, the consumer has the opportunity to learn more, adding value by enhancing and increasing their overall experience.

WA Ballet: Ballet at the Quarry

Putting a Face to the Product

People are fascinated with the ‘story behind the story’ and seeing the people involved. Interviews with key characters offer an insight into the inspiration behind the concept or the motivation leading to the final product. It could include stories from the journey - issues and barriers overcome and the relationships built and grown within the team. It’s interesting to see the crew interacting on a professional level and during their down time.

A chance to showcase

Is there something innovative or groundbreaking in your project creating excitement in your team? Normally your audience would never be aware of it. The ‘behind the scenes’ video works the same way as the bonus DVDs that come with a movie. The consumer buying the DVD set gets added value to the normal product increasing the chances of the content being shared and creating buzz.

If you are interested in adding valuable content in the form of a ‘behind the scenes’ production, feel free to contact us to discuss how we can tell your story behind the story.

Lucy Helliwell