The team discusses innovative and cost-effective marketing tips for start-ups. How can start-ups approach marketing to ensure they get a return on investment? And is there anything big companies can learn from how these newer enterprises promote themselves?


Here are some key take-outs:

  • Earned media is a great way to get free publicity. Build your personal brand by sharing your opinions and expertise.
  • Look for public speaking opportunities. Find out what audiences are looking for and be the one to share it.
  • Blog well and blog often. Content marketing is a great way to build your brand and authority.


On My Desk

  • Nic recommended Slack.
  • Sarah recommended Michael Stelzner’s book Writing White Papers: How to Capture Readers and Keep Them Engaged.
  • James recommended Guardian Labs.


Have you heard the one about…

Recently James, Sarah and Nic took a close look at the tactics Donald Trump uses to tweet.


And here’s a discussion about the dos and don’ts of corporate video.


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