What do YOU do during your commute to work? Listen to music or a podcast? Play games? Read a book? Watch the latest videos on the news sites?

Whether you want to be entertained, educated or informed, there is now a gadget and an app that will fulfil your every desire!

We’re bombarded with daily content and technology. But we all want quality, relevant content that is engaging and accessible.

What if, you create a spread of content through multiple platforms to attract the audience to your brand, and even better, through their preferred choice of medium? What if you give them the opportunity to watch a video, listen to a podcast and read a complimentary article all within the same domain? Now you can!

In todays’ ever changing market, It is essential that you think like a publisher!

So where do you start? It’s all very well creating content - anyone can do that. The hard part is knowing what to do with it in order to create maximum return. This is where we can help.

Through experience we know that a cleverly thought-out strategic plan is essential in content management. An average company may distribute content as soon as it’s created, causing the overwhelming information overload feeling, that we all know too well. The secret is to use the ‘drip drip’ effect…

Your audience won’t access all of your content – why should they? But by drip-feeding them the information in small digestible amounts, they will gradually familiarise themselves with your brand and what you can provide for them.

Forward-planning is essential – be selective about what you release and when. And most importantly, have a reason. If you have no reason to share your content, your audience has no reason to receive it. By being strategic about what to release and when, you can create a fully loaded schedule of various platforms of information, which drip feeds subtly and gradually into your audiences mind.

There are ways to measure the success of your content and gauge what works well for your audience. Suppose they loved watching your latest video, then why not create a series? A video series which releases new content at a time that they expect it and most importantly look forward to receiving. And just like magic, before they even realise, it becomes part of their routine and you form a stronger relationship.

Lucy Helliwell