Are you a Thunderbirds fan? If you are, do you relate to them? Probably not, but there are creative people among us who can make even inanimate objects relevant and thought provoking.

I have previously written about the importance of emotion in content production . But how do you convey emotion without the human component present?

Below is an animation raising the issues surrounding modern day usage of technology, and in particular, the issue of our need to stay connected through social media.

DIS \ CONNECT from Doug Hindson on Vimeo.

Animation is often regarded as a means to communicate to children, or a way of simplifying a message to an audience. The simplicity of these animated puppets allows the focus of the viewer to be primarily on the voice without unnecessary distractions, therefore emphasising the key messages within the production.

The use of wooden puppets in conveying the message is ironic. The narrator is discussing modern technology and our ability to use a multitude of hi-tech gadgets, yet the carriers of the message (i.e., the puppets) are simple and primitive. The narrator draws our attention to the basics of communication: people (or expressionless puppets), how far we’ve progressed, and how our communication has evolved to the instant where we need to be constantly connected to society.

The meaning of the video is emphasised by the production being shot in real-time, using strings and rods to control the puppets. The action was captured in-camera, again highlighting our modern-day neccessity for technical applications to effectively communicate – very ironic.

How can animation benefit your content?

We have produced a number of animations for our clients, primarily as consumer-focussed marketing tools. Here are a couple of examples:


Fencemakers – What’s their story?

Fencemakers are a WA-based company that manufacture fences. They required a video to break down the process involved in their service - from the initial consult to the end product.  To communicate each step effectively we needed to simplify each step, presenting them as an easy, hassle-free service.

The Creative

The characters were loosely based on wooden planks, continuing the theme of their product while being easily identified as a customer or Fencemaker employee. The key information is emphasised as text and Fencemaker’s branding identity remains strong through design.

Control audience perception

Another benefit to using animation is you have the power to control the viewer’s perception of your company. Using fictional characters, settings and scenarios, you have the power to make your service and team perfect and blemish-free.

It’s fun!

Lastly, it’s fun. In the corporate world animation is an under-utilised way of telling a story that avoids the standard presenter-led or talking-head style of video so many companies use.


Mintox – What’s their story?

Mintox is a high-end, multi-faceted, cloud-based platform enabling businesses to reach their full potential online. They required a video explaining how their service works.

The Creative

Due to the technological nature of this service, the information needed to be delivered in a simple way.  This was achieved through a carefully scripted voice-over complemented by relevant graphics. The images needed to match the narrative and highlight key information. We used faceless characters that drew focus to the action rather than creating a distraction through personalisation.


If you have a story to tell or message to deliver, consider how animation might be a good way to tell your story. If you would like to discuss potential options, please give us a call . The opportunities are limitless and we are happy to help you find the choice most suitable for you.

- Lucy Helliwell

Featured Image: Thunderbirds

Credit: Jonathon Brodsky ‘thunderbirds are go’