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Brand Newsroom 50: What Do I Do With My Website?

How often should you be changing your website? Due to ever-changing Google algorithms, companies often have to make edits just to ensure they aren’t left behind in search results. In addition, the increasing consumer appetite for better experiences demands rapid changes.

Despite this, the Brand Newsroom team observe we have all been guilty of having a website that isn’t quite up to scratch.. How should brands ensure they’re making the best first impression online?



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The Great Content Marketing Swindle

The first time I saw a measurable return on investment in content marketing was in 1996. No one was calling it ‘content marketing’ then but that’s what I was doing. I was writing case studies, magazine articles, and fact sheets to support products I was selling. It was easy to measure ROI because I had a big quota. The content was instrumental in convincing customers to sign contracts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and a few deals well into the millions of dollars.

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The 3 Biggest Challenges Facing Content Marketers

The three biggest challenges facing content marketers

What do you find most challenging about content marketing? Recently our Head of Content Strategy Sarah Mitchell was interviewed on the August blog to give her take on the state of affairs in the content marketing space. In the interview Sarah mentioned three major challenges most content marketers face. Read More

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Brand Newsroom 49: In-house or Outsourced Content?

How does your brand approach in-house production and outsourcing? When it comes to content creation, every brand is faced with the choice of what to do in-house and what to outsource. How does a brand achieve the right mix?

According to the Brand Newsroom team, brands should analyse their processes in terms of time, cost and quality. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for the perfect ratio. Indicators within every organisation will point towards certain choices.

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The Skill Every Marketing Manager Needs to Recruit

If there’s one thing lacking in most marketing departments, it’s good writers. The content marketing discipline is becoming ingrained in large and small businesses all over the world. Organisations who recruit and hire people with good writing skills are putting themselves in a position of competitive advantage. Here’s why.

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Content Marketing Trends of 2015

Were you satisfied with your content marketing results in 2014?

Want to improve your investment plans in the second half of this year?

Experts and industry leaders predicted 2015 would be a big year for content marketing. Now that we have surpassed the mid-year hump, it’s time to see if these predictions have come true. If you’re interested in seeing whether your content marketing strategy aligns with their predictions, here is a list of some of the top predicted trends this year.

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Brand Newsroom 48: Authenticity vs Over-Sharing

How much of our brand values should we be publicly sharing? While it’s commonly agreed that honesty creates the most effective content, should marketers be wary of crossing a line between authenticity and over-sharing?

A recent press release from Hubspot was in the spotlight for it’s unusually honest approach. The Brand Newsroom team discuss whether or not this was a PR failure or a move to stay ahead of the gossip How much should brands expose when it comes to their unflattering personal stories?


Hubspot Appoints Kipp Bodnar as Chief Marketing Officer


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Sound: Achieving Greatness in Film Production

The blog series Achieving Greatness in Film Production discusses the important elements making your production heard above your competitors. Both colour and composition have been covered in previous posts. In part four, the impact of sound design and how it can add value or lead to absolute disaster is explored in detail. Read More