Breakfast Workshops

It’s a Content Marketing meet up!

Right now, content marketing/ brand journalism/ native advertising is hot! Super hot!

We think we’re pretty well placed since we’ve come from a content making background. We’re journalists by heart and have an instinctive knowledge of what makes a story, why the audience will be interested and how we should aim to reach them. It’s what we’ve been doing for years and according to the leading light in Content Marketing, Joe Pulizzi (Founder of the Content Marketing Institute), whilst there may be many wannabe’s out there, we come from the right stock!!

But if you’ve only just joined the party you’re probably thinking that there are gaps in your knowledge. We know that – in fact we’d be the first to admit that we’re learning all the time too and we don’t know the answer to everything! But, over the past few years we’ve built some really solid connections with some of the biggest CM brains in the world and they’ve taught us a huge amount.

In true Content Marketing fashion our aim is to share that knowledge.

The first Friday of every month

Every first Friday of the month, we hold a little breakfast at our studio in central Perth for Marketing/ Communication/ HR specialists. In fact if you have an interest and a desire to learn more about this fascinating space we’d love to welcome you along.

Together with a room full of professionals we’ll…

* show you some of the very latest success stories
* provide inspiration and motivation to help you convince others in your organisation
* open your eyes to a new marketing paradigm!

And of course you get to meet others who are in the same boat, going through exactly the same issues!

Come Along!

If you’re interested in joining us for our next breakfast, please sign up here.

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