50 million online views - now that’s clever advertising!

Have you seen this video production that Budweiser created for the 2014 Superbowl final? It’s incredible!


That’s not an advert I hear you say! I think you’re right. It’s SO much more! Let’s face it, there aren’t that many ads that get a staggering 49 million plus views. And I’m not sure there are many ads that make you feel a greater connection with a brand. Most advertising is interruptive. This isn’t! So, is it an ad? I’d argue not - I think it’s clever content marketing!

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Captive audience - pic

Do you have a captive audience?

What do YOU do during your commute to work? Listen to music or a podcast? Play games? Read a book? Watch the latest videos on the news sites?

Whether you want to be entertained, educated or informed, there is now a gadget and an app that will fulfil your every desire!

We’re bombarded with daily content and technology. But we all want quality, relevant content that is engaging and accessible.

What if, you create a spread of content through multiple platforms to attract the audience to your brand, and even better, through their preferred choice of medium? What if you give them the opportunity to watch a video, listen to a podcast and read a complimentary article all within the same domain? Now you can!

In todays’ ever changing market, It is essential that you think like a publisher!

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Lush Digital partners with Business News to bring first weekly podcast…

business news, WA business news, podcast, Lush digitalOver the past few months we’ve been establishing strong partnerships with large organisations here in Western Australia. We’re now delighted to announce our first co-production.

Working with Business News, we’ll be partnering to produce weekly audio and video content.

In this first episode of “Background” we hear the thoughts of Mark Pownall, Head of Content and Mark Beyer, Editor of Business News. Topics of conversation include the job losses at Qantas, financial hardship for junior miners, the “missing” Treasurer, the rise and rise of apartment living in Perth, and the importance of arts and culture to a local economy.

Advertising, banner ads

I’m not saying advertising is dead, but…

…We think it’s shifted!

Back in 2012 we won a Telstra Business Award here in WA - it was in the category sponsored by a large media publishing company. Our prize was a fairly substantial amount of money that could be spent in contra, advertising on any of their platforms. Not one to usually go down the advertising route, we didn’t rush in! 18 months later it was a case of use it or lose it!

Well, yesterday our one month campaign on a couple of websites came to an end. According to the report sent through, we had had fantastic results!

Let me just say, their definition of fantastic isn’t quite the same as ours!

“Overall the campaign attracted 153 clicks with click through rates of 0.04% and 0.20% which is fantastic.  Our network average for similar activity is 0.03% to 0.05%”

We were staggered - 0.03%-0.05% is considered successful?

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Going it alone is fine, but doing it together is better!

2014 for us is a year of doing it together! We get the feeling we are all entering the “sharing” economy!

We certainly have seen that recently with all the work we are doing with our clients. Why go it alone when potentially you could do something together and share the cost!

Have a look at this example. WA Ballet (one of our favourite clients) is always looking to use video creatively. Budgets are tight however. But, they do have some wonderful Corporate Sponsors that are clearly partnering for all the right reasons. How could we tell a WA Ballet story and give their Principal Partner, Woodside a production that would work for them too! The end product can be viewed here…but simply it’s a production that marries the idea of VALUES!

By combining budgets we were able to film something stunning! Higher production values means more viewers which in turn leads to greater emotional connection with both brands!

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An evolving brand

It’s been quite a journey over the past few years. Who would have thought that we’d be nearing our 1000th production. And what a ride - picking up people from all corners of the globe! Hope you like our new infographic!

Anyway, we’ve now grown up to become Lush Digital - see it as a coming of age name change!

The reason for the name change was because we were doing so much more than video production for our clients. With all the consultancy, strategic work and training, plus all the digital content that was being asked of us we thought it far simpler to change names to Lush Digital. At least now we hope that it will be far more obvious how we can work across the board with various division of a business. Read More