Creative Film Director / Head of Production

Gavin CarrollDescribe your role at Lush Digital Media!

 I oversee the pre- and post-production facility at Lush Digital Media as well as being Creative Director.  I thoroughly enjoy the creative process, from throwing around ideas with the whole team, through to concept and execution of a production.  I strongly believe it’s the final few percent we add to all of our productions that sets us apart from the competition.

Tell us about your favourite project to date and how you contributed!

Definitely Rio Tinto’s recruitment campaign 2012/13. We travelled all over the Northwest to every Rio Tinto site, capturing individual staff stories. It was shot over six months, resulting in 25 different videos and contributed to Rio Tinto winning a national marketing award.  The project was creatively and technically complicated as it was shot on six different cameras in multiple locations, both day and night.  It opened up a lot of challenges in the final colour correction.

Tell us a bit about yourself, your career and your training!

Life before Lush was a while ago now; I’ve been here since day one. Prior to joining, I was freelancing as an editor, compositor and cameraman and working on a myriad of different projects for broadcast TV, the corporate sector, not-for-profit clients, plus sports and even some ABC work.  I have extensive experience on a wide range of cameras as well as shooting for Visual FX