COO / Client Services Director

Brendan LoboDescribe your role at Lush Digital Media! 

I’ve been involved with Lush Digital Media since it opened its doors. My role has evolved with the dramatic growth of the business. My key focus as COO & Client Services Director is looking after major clients, helping them develop content strategies and using the advances in technology to communicate effectively.

Tell us about your favourite project to date and how you contributed!

Working with the Future Footprints Program was a definite highlight. The program provides a support structure for Indigenous students from regional and remote areas of WA attending residential schools in Perth. We helped them create content to support a fundraising campaign. I had the opportunity to travel to remote indigenous communities to hear heartfelt stories of determination from people who wanted to move heaven and earth to allow their children further opportunities in life.

Tell us a bit about yourself, your career and your training! 

I’m not your typical Media and Communications graduate. Having completed a Degree in Communications with a major in Media and Advertising, I strayed from that path, and worked in the corporate space for GE, experiencing everything from the front line right through to senior management. I have a real passion for customer service and authentic driven communication, stemming from nine years working for Hungry Jacks in my youth. Some might ask what fast food has to do with it. I quickly found out the ability to have real conversations with your customers creates a community of loyal regular paying customers, ultimately driving sales. This definitely set me up to work in the industry today.