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Sound: Achieving Greatness in Film Production

The blog series Achieving Greatness in Film Production discusses the important elements making your production heard above your competitors. Both colour and composition have been covered in previous posts. In part four, the impact of sound design and how it can add value or lead to absolute disaster is explored in detail. Read More

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Brand Newsroom 47: Road to Content Marketing Success

Do you have a story to tell about your content marketing journey? Ryan Northover, Marketing Strategist at Ventura Home Group, joins the Brand Newsroom team to talk about building content brands. Ventura have been particularly successful with content marketing even though Ryan and his team faced some challenges along the way.

How did Ryan and his team convert upper management to move away from traditional tactics? How does he measure content marketing ROI and how does he find the quality of content marketing leads? Ryan shares insight and advice for content marketing success.



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Colour Science: Achieving Greatness in Film Production

Colour is the secret weapon of every good filmmaker and its impact is often underestimated.

Previous posts from the blog series, The Secret to Achieving Greatness in Film Production, discuss the elements involved in creating a video to go above and beyond an average film production. This includes composition and sound.

In part three, the impact of colour is examined and how knowing a little science can improve your film production. Read More

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Brand Newsroom 46: Tweet Perth and the Value of Online Community

What can you learn from Tweet Perth? More than you could imagine. With an audience of 100,000 unique followers across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, and hundreds of thousands of visitors to the website, Tweet Perth is one of Perth’s fastest growing content platforms. They have reached a status many local and national brands aspire to. What lessons can your brand take from their journey?

This week on Brand Newsroom the team interview Adam Barrell, the founder of Tweet Perth. According to Adam, a key step to reaching success was focusing on the audience first above all else. After patiently growing a loyal audience for four and a half years, Tweet Perth now has the opportunity to profit from their content. Their growth thus far is just the beginning.


Tweet Perth


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A Marketer’s Guide to the Curiosity Gap

“You’ll never believe what this marketer accidentally published on the company blog” 

“We tried this shocking content marketing technique… and it worked!”

Does this style of headline seem eerily familiar? That’s because they’re using a technique called the “curiosity gap” to pique your interest and persuade you to take action. Read More


Composition: Achieving Greatness in Film Production

You’re a filmmaker. Your neighbour is probably a filmmaker. Chances are your Great Aunt Mable is also a filmmaker. Anyone with a smartphone and the ability to press record is a filmmaker. The web is teeming with budding videographers publishing their own content and sharing videos. Video consumption is gaining traction with the statistics to support.  Read More

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Brand Newsroom 45: Getting More Earned Media

When brands pursue content marketing, they usually focus on publishing through the Internet and social media. Does this inhibit them from reaching their full potential? This week the Brand Newsroom team discusses how business can capitalise on traditional media to extend the reach of their content.

Find out why your content gets a stamp of authority and credibility and where many brands go wrong in their approach. With years of experience working in the space, Nic Hayes and James Lush share insider tips on changes you can make to your content in order to appeal to traditional media outlets.