Does Your Brand News Pass the ‘So What’ Test?

Have you heard of the ‘So What’ test? It’s a great way to determine whether your news is interesting to your target audience. It’s also the first question journalists ask when reading your press releases. If you want earned media for your news, it’s essential to put your news to the ‘So What’ test. Read More

Brand Newsroom 25: Difference Between News and Newsworthy

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Do you know the different between your news and a newsworthy story? Do you know the biggest reason most brands fail to get press coverage for their news? The Brand Newsroom team discusses why some brands get a lot of press coverage and others get none at all.

What elements are required to make a good news story? What is one thing journalists look for before they’ll run a story? What’s a simple but effective change you can make in your brand communications to garner more attention from traditional media?

Join James Lush, Nic Hayes and Sarah Mitchell to get three different perspectives on how your business can get more earned media with their content marketing and PR activities.


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The Top Free Marketing Podcasts for You

Whether you’re a podcast tragic looking to discuss Serial at any given time or a morning commuter sick of breakfast radio, podcasts are a great way to find interesting information and entertaining stories.  But what if listening to podcasts could help you strengthen your business potential and gain valuable knowledge about where, what and how to communicate to your customers and clients? Read More

Brand Newsroom 24: Robert Rose on Content Marketing and Storytelling


The incomparable Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Officer of the Content Marketing Institute, Author and Storyteller, joins the Brand Newsroom team to discuss why he’s looking forward to coming back to Australia for Content Marketing World Sydney. He delves into the most important component of content marketing, why Australian content marketers have an advantage over their North American counterparts and proves everyone can tell a story.

His new book, Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing, is due for release this month and he’ll be bringing a load of new ideas to CMWorld. Have a listen to hear one of the true leaders of the content marketing revolution.


Marketing Myopia by Theodore Levitt

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Ouch! Using Science to Make Brand Storytelling More Effective

Have you ever winced at the sight of someone else’s misfortune? Our unfortunate skater friend here is a classic example. Ouch, that is going to hurt in the morning!  But why do we also feel his pain? The answer is an important factor in why storytelling works as a way of communicating. Brands utilising this can make an emotional connection with their audience. Read More

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Content Marketing: Upcycling to Maximise Content Assets

Upcycling. It’s a word that’s growing in popularity and one I kept hearing over Christmas. For the unknowing gift-giver, it’s sometimes called regifting - giving an unwanted present to someone else. However cheeky it may seem, it’s also viewed as responsible shopping by positioning the gift where it is most useful.

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Brand Newsroom 23: Is Traditional Journalism Influenced By Advertisers?


Brand Newsroom23: Is Traditional Journalism Influenced By Advertisers?

Recent news stories for the Daily Telegraph UK and Australia have shed light on interesting influences within the traditional journalism sector.

Are newspapers biased to the brands who advertise with them?

Are we being provided with the full story? How do we determine the news story and the advertising story?

If brand journalism is moving into the traditional journalism sector what impact does this have on the public? It is becoming more and more evident stories are influenced by the brands that pay for advertising?  How far can the traditional media be pushed?

In Episode 23 of Brand Newsroom, Nic Hayes, Sarah Mitchell and James Lush discuss  recent pitfalls and scandals in traditional media.

Links: Terry McCrann ‘About streets ahead on good policy’

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Online Marketing Advice You Want to Avoid

A recent article in BRW magazine advises small business owners on how to get started with online marketing. It includes several good suggestions but it’s dated and totally misses the one thing to make or break any online marketing program. Without it, the money and time you spend on digital marketing will be wasted in the long run.

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