Our Approach

Authentic, genuine and cutting edge.

In everything we do, we seek to be authentic and genuine. You can see it in our videos, which let people tell their stories; you can see it in our complete campaigns, which are built upon brand authenticity.

We offer you time-proven process for harnessing your brand’s authentic voice, while remaining current with cutting edge ideas and technology.

Working with Us

  • We provide you with a single point of contact at Lush Digital - an in-house campaign manager assigned to your campaign.
  • We care about your brand and will make sure your objectives are met.
  • We create clear and concise campaign strategies
  • Every step is clearly planned, so you’ll always know what’s coming next
  • Ongoing analysis and refinements will keep your strategies up-to-date and your content relevant.
  • If necessary, we provide close support and staff training to help your company take ownership of it’s Content Marketing strategy.

Our Values

  • To be authentic and genuine at all times.
  • To care and offer the very best we can to our clients.
  • To create the best work environment for our team
  • To involve ourselves in projects that make a difference.

Let’s Talk

We’d love to hear from you. Please use our online contact form, or just give us a call on 08 9228 3380. It’s that easy.