Project Date: April 10, 2022 Skills: Video Production, Motion Graphics, Animation

Complex message, complex brief. Bring out the rubber ducks!

Mintox creates highly sophisticated and effective e-business software.

Some stories are complex! You need a variety of tools to get the message out there - clearly, concisely and effectively!

Rather than have to sit through a half hour presentation, our brief was to try to tell this complex story in just a few minutes. Clever animation allows you to get across the technical side of things! But, when combined with a narrative you get the best of both worlds!

And of course, rubber ducks - a perfect example of telling a story using something very simple to visualise. And the end result is a production that stands alone if necessary but also works beautifully in presentations and allows the client to say in just a few minutes what it struggled to do in half an hour!

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