Describe your role at Lush Digital Media!

As CEO my job is to guide the business into the future and help us grow into a full-service business. A really big part is working closely with our clients and team to find great communication and business outcomes. My job is a terrific blend of being a strategic counsellor, trusted advisor and business leader to both clients and staff.

Tell us about your favourite campaign to date and how you contributed! 

Over the years I’ve been privileged to work with some of Australia’s great business, political and community leaders, especially around issues of social justice and business fairness. Two campaigns really stand out. One involved working with indigenous leaders to secure better outcomes in native title.The other resulted in the decriminalisation of abortion for women and doctors in WA. On the business front, getting the Federal government to agree to good faith in franchising is also very satisfying.

Tell us a bit about yourself, your career and your training!

I am lucky to have had a really diverse career in journalism, business and politics. I’ve worked as a print, radio and TV reporter, political advisor and consultant. I’ve also headed up a ‘whole of government’ media, marketing and advertising function. I have a real passion for helping clients find their voice and providing strategic counsel around complex issues. At the heart of many business challenges rests, in part, a communications solution.  Linking that to the business outcome can be really satisfying.