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Content Marketing 2015: Predictions and Advice

Do you have room for a couple more content marketing predictions for 2015? The Content Marketing Institute puts out an annual e-book of content marketing predictions from thought leaders all over the world. It’s a fun piece of content, for sure, but it also provides insight into what the top content marketers in the world are thinking. Read More

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Content Marketing: Do You Really Know Your Target Audience?

It’s easy to get caught up in the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of content marketing, but if you haven’t drilled down into ‘who’ you’re trying to reach, your efforts are going to be less effective. Before you spend a lot of time planning, developing, publishing and distributing great content, get a firm handle on who is going to view it. Otherwise, you could be wasting a lot of valuable time and resources. Read More

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Brand Journalism: Creating Content to Improve Sales

If you’ve been following the brand journalism debate, you’ll know a lot of wild claims are in play. A recent post on LinkedIn Pulse categorically stated brand journalism activity is only suitable for the upper reaches of the marketing funnel. It’s an amazing misperception because some of the most effective brand journalism is instrumental in closing business. Read More

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Tips to Improve Effectiveness of Your Content Marketing

Last week the Content Marketing Institute released new research on the state of content marketing in Australia. The report highlighted a couple of areas where Australian content marketers could improve the effectiveness of their content marketing programs. Some of it was obvious – and some of it wasn’t. Here are my recommendations for anyone investing time or money into a content initiative.

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Are You A Brand Puppet without Realising?

I have previously written about how companies utilise the consumer by advertising their brand name through personalisation, i.e. by displaying individual names on a product like Coca-Cola; or using Facebook advertising to be in line-of-sight to the consumer by displaying adverts of products they have been viewing online. The consumer essentially becomes a marketing tool. But what if this develops further in the future? What if the consumer becomes the primary distributor in content marketing? Read More


The Rise of Not-for-Profit Content Marketing

New research from the Content Marketing Institute highlights the value of content marketing for not-for-profit organisations.

Joe Pulizzi, founder of CMI, shares his favourite insights into how not-for-profit organisations embrace content marketing. It’s intriging reading and includes a crafty slidedeck. Some of the most interesting results are included in a handy datagraphic.

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Brand Journalism: Why the faulty arguments need to end

A recent article in Contently stated in bold letters, “There’s no such thing as brand journalism.” It then supplied a handy data graphic designed to define the important terms of content marketing:

  • brand publishing
  • branded content, aka custom content
  • native advertising
  • sponsored content
  • brand journalism

I had to smile; they included brand journalism in their list to reiterate that it doesn’t exist. It’s like putting a word in a dictionary just to say it’s not a word. Read More

B2B Lessons From Content Marketing Heavy Hitters

How often do you get to hear content marketing experts talk exclusively about B2B marketing? We are deluged with great examples of consumer content marketing but often come up short on B2B applications. I wasted no time snagging a front-row seat to the Content Marketing at Scale: The Heavy Hitters Panel discussion at the B2B Marketing Forum conference in Boston last month.  I wasn’t disappointed. Read More